Abadiania Arrival


I have arrived in Abadiania, a small one-block town 75 km from Brasilia, the locale of the Casa of Dom Ignacio de Loyola (i.e. the Casa of John of God).  I am tired yet full of excitement, eager to expand, to discover, to love. After checking into my pousada (pension) I head to one of the four cafes in the town, one of the four “bars” without booze, places where the visitors to the Casa of John of God assemble in between current sessions and other spare moments of time.  I order the exquisite bowl of acai pudding, a luxurious dish of smooth acai blended with muscavo sugar and bananas. A heavenly treat native to Brazil. Holy yum. 


Spooning away I observe all the white-clad humans (the entities of the Casa require one to wear white only) returning from the afternoon session at the Casa, carrying bottles of blessed water to drink, many with deep smiles on their faces. I too smile as it is contagious, also chuckling at the presence of a Christmas tree with snowflakes and related (cheap) décor in the town. Christmas in the summer? Don’t they know the lyrics to the song(s)?

The energy is strong here for sure and with soft eyes, one can see the luminous crystal energy in the air. My body feels drowsy and heavy, perhaps discovering how to adjust to the higher vibrational state of Abadiania, and my mind is screaming WTF. I am on a journey for three months alone missing my NYC tribe and bf already. All is perfect? Yes. All is. This is a blessing to be here, time for me to learn, to magnify my appreciation for the all. I am ready for the journey.

I return to my abode and unpack a bit, unsurprisingly feeling like I brought too much, wishing I left some articles of clothing back in my apartment in NYC, which isn’t really my home anymore for I sense that I won’t be living there for a long time. I am a muddled mess of emotions, which are gracefully cleansed by the presence of an 80 degree sun.  Salutations to bless father Ra gift me a sense of composure and self-assurance and I head out to meet a friend from NYC, also a guide of the Casa, for dinner.

We are joined by a soul sister from Greece as well as one from Australia, her kids, the owner of the café, and three other guys. Everyone is super friendly; the star-family is reuniting with international flair! It is no surprise that I clearly recognize the owner of the café from a dream last week; he is dear to my heart. I also feel Ipu, my late shamanic brother, healer, teacher, present and pleased. I am privileged yet again to be in his native country, one of such indigenous intensity and beauty, one filled with magic.

I ponder over the three questions I will present in the morning as I go in front of the entity (incorporated in the medium of John of God) for the first time.


  1. To be more deeply aligned with my soul’s purpose
  2. To have greater connection with spirit
  3. To expand my heart, having more love for myself and thus for others

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