Casa y Caju


Sleep is more than a challenge as I can sense that the spiritual work has already begun.  My dreams a jumble of scenes of the tough energy in NYC, the shifts in the occupants of my apartment, faith, sex, bf, ahhhhh!!! It is 7am.

Enjoying my complimentary Brazilian breakfast of bright papaya, candy-sweet pineapple, fresh caju (cashew fruit) juice*, bringing me to a place where I feel like I never left since being in the Brazilian Amazon with Ipu in April, I then head to the main hall of the Casa to wait for my opportunity to go in front of the entity. Many prayers in Portuguese are followed by the spiritual surgery line, the 2nd time line, and then the 1st timers, the newbies. It is after 11 am as I pass and I am instructed to have three crystal beds and a prescription for herbs, a bottle of passionflower herbs personally charged with the healing energy of the entities. The crystal beds are immediately scheduled and I head to room four for the three subsequent sessions, a total of one hour. The crystals flash light at my chakras and I doze off, being awakened by the spirit of mother Mary. She hugs me tightly.

I join the crowds for the lunch of blessed casa soup, a mix of starchy noodles with bits of carrot and celery. It is not as nearly as kind as the bowl of acai but I am grateful.

The grounds surrounding the Casa are picturesque and the wind breezy and warm, the sun brightly sanctifying the blue and white Casa; many flowers and fruit trees line the land- mangoes, jack fruit, avocado, coffee. I am in bliss.

Afternoon current session begins again at 2pm and John of God is doing a physical surgery on the stage in the main hall. A forceps is placed fully up a woman’s nose and he twists a few times, her eyes closed and her body remaining absolutely still, and then yanks out a piece of flesh to view to the audience. Still her eyes persisting to be shut, she sits down in a wheel chair and is taken away to the recovery room. Silence and awe fill the room.  Another surgery occurs with a large cut in the abdomen, blood oozing a bit out, and with naked fingers, a portion of some internal species is removed. Again, no anesthesia, no sounds, nada. She too is wheeled away to rest.

As I pass the entity again in the line, I am requested to sit in the entity current and as I sit for the remainder of the lines to finish passing through, my eyes closed with my palms up, I am visited by a dove. I am woozy and filled with light, feeling copious beams of gratitude radiating from my heart.

The Casa day concludes around 5pm. Dinner. Early to bed.

* Look at how AMAZING the cashew fruit is….now I understand why cashew nuts are so pricy, there is only one nut per fruit!:

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