Flames of Love, Flames of Light


Another Casa day begins bright and early, sitting with my eyes closed and palms up on the benches inside the current at 7:30am with dozens of other seekers. I am fidgeting anxiously at first and then am moved into a deep, melodic trance where my physical body begins to crystallize.  At 11:30 we conclude and my body is as heavy as lead. I saunter out of the Casa current room like a portly man who drank too much whiskey, a childlike, wide grin plastered on my face.

A friend of a NYC friend has requested to meet for dinner, a man who felt called to remain in Abadiania for a few days longer than his partner whom already returned to the states to meet me. With honor we dine together and chat, sharing the beauties and challenges of being with a twin-flame, perhaps also known as the ultimate soul partner*, and dreams of creating a more harmonious and glorious New Earth. In my etheric vision I see him hand-in-hand with his love, holding a sword, escorting masses of people through a dense forest. He is a fierce leader of light, and the spirit of his grandmother sits proudly to his left.

We embrace tightly, knowing we will see each other again in the future, and he returns to his home to finish packing for his departure for the US. With another new mate we gaze into the stars of the evening, admiring the orbs of light that flash in the sky. Life is magical for sure.

*Read more about twin-flames: http://www.fromthestars.com/page123.html

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