Goddesses, Gratitude, & Grandmother


I sleep 11 hours, the spiritual work of cleansing all pain/attachments/ etc. occurring most often in the night when one is laying down. It is best here to rest as much as possible it seems, hydrating oneself with copious amounts of blessed water, and be in solitude, delving within to receive the healing and answers one seeks. I take another nap in the afternoon, giggling softly as I compare my life in NYC where a typical day contained no less than four subway rides, a yoga class, gym workout, trip to the supermarket, hours at work, playdate with friends.  I eventually join my Casa guide friend for dinner with his wonderful group of five women, an eclectic and international group of middle-aged beauties.  One woman attracts me profoundly and shares her years of experience strolling across Central and South America, touching the sacred sites and praying for peace. She is an inspiring goddess in her power, her hugs divine. A kind anonymous soul pays for my dinner. Angels, angels everywhere!












Another couple is recognized too, their faces awakening a pleasing connection from the past. Hello brother and sister, hello! (actually, it is more like Hej brother and sister, hej! for they are Swedish). J

I crash into my bed but am roused into bitingly alert consciousness later, seeing myself in a loud and raucous ayahuasca ceremony. Ok Grandmother ayahuasca, I am ready.

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