Abundance in all dimensions


I am handed a huge bag of Brazil nut and cashew granola by a woman from Montreal at breakfast, Tupperware container to keep it fresh included. Love abundance! I would make her some cookies if I had a kitchen and alas….keys to my own house to rent, a 3-bedroom, 2 bath abode with an acerola cherry and lime tree in the backyard, less costly than staying in a pension are gracefully gifted in the afternoon. Cookie making commences.

I munch away as I head up the hill past the Casa, barefoot, plopping myself flat on Mother Gaia, watching exotic bugs prancing with delight, admiring the countryside.  It is so green and lush.

Today I also meet a new friend with the same birthday and another brother from the stars. His Indian grandmother spirit too present, blessing him for all the good work he has completed on healing himself. More glorious acai is shared for all. This gentleman loves acai so much that he endulges in three acai smoothies. Rock on purple bliss!

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