Allow. Surrender. Love.


My dreams are nightmarish and harsh, reminding of many pains from the past, a moment of cleansing I pray. Those I have hurt, I send you so much light. I forgive myself in ways I have never before. I cut any energetic ties that no longer serve me or the all. Love. Gratitude. Grace. Please let me fall back asleep.

 And I do, albeit with much trouble, find myself in a state of slumber.

 At some point during the day, I run into my Cancerian companion with the same birthdate and I rent a bike for the month. A trusty steed with brakes to wake the dead, which clearly need no arising here for the spirit presence in Abadiania is beyond omnipresent. The bike owner proudly exclaims in English that the brakes and bell are one. Perfect.

Ride. Meditate. Listen. Thinking of a soul sister from NYC, a message is shared:

 “Much work to be done dear sisters, walk together in the light, assisting one another as you have done many times before. Stay in the vibration of purity, of love, and showers of blessings amount. The road is not easy, no doubt, but we will stand behind you with constant support, harnessed by the energy of creator, of god. He will show you the way as you take each step, further ascending and merging with your true selves, the divine mother within. This is you.”

 I agree to do a surrogate surgery for a man from London with Pancreatic cancer, a process in which I must present a picture of the man to the entity (tomorrow) in the morning current and with permission, I can do the surgery in the afternoon session. As I head back into town from my house I run into a NYC friend just arriving in a taxi, looking for a place to stay. My castle has ample room to spare. There is no need to try to do anything here, everything occurs organically, as it should. Syncronicities? Perfection.

 Keys are shared, I hang homemade cranes to enter the gate of our casa, and the evening concludes at the acai café.

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