World Tour of LOVE and LIGHT!


We are being called to spread universal love, to unify the hearts of all mankind, to activate and to inspire.

India, a place with majestic spiritual history and also with many in need of aid, is the beginning of this world tour.*

Love and light,


*I may go back to go forward, sharing some tidbits about my last five weeks in Abadiania Brazil…alas  it need not matter for time is merely an illusion of the human mind.

In late November I was gifted dreams and visions of heading to Brazil, to the Casa of John of God. With something like $83 in my bank account this seemed more than outrageous yet as things often happen easily in our highest good, the money was provided; with the assistance of a heavenly angel, my wings were spread, a flight confirmed.

Abadiania, Brazil is the location of the Casa of John of God, a sacred place in the middle of the country in the state of Goias where massive healings occur via the entities that are incorporated through the medium John. The town itself lies on a bed of quartz crystals, providing an exceptionally high vibration for this work to ensue. It is truly a place of enchantment and perfection, a locale where synchronicities so frequent you ponder if you are truly awake or constantly dreaming. It is a place where one learns to fully surrender and allow, connecting sincerely with the one truth, the truth that lives in each and every one of our hearts.

The trip to Abadiania was one of unfathomable healing, a chance to sweep oneself clean of anything that does not serve, an opportunity to become a better light worker for all.

This was a time to go within, to explore every crevice of my soul, to remove any attachments that did not serve my higher purpose, to expand.

It was a glorious and blessed journey, some moments filled with utter bliss and others more dark and painful, reminders of old drama that requested permission to let go.

I picked up many fragments of my heart I had given away. I sent light to those I mistreated. I met so many amazing soul brothers and sisters who helped hold space for one another egolessly, fearlessly, and without boundaries.

I ate so many mangoes my blood must be orange.

I am now EVE, feeling so whole, stepping further into her power with no more hiding in yogi caves, running with her shadows, niltch. I am one with the one. I am ready to march across this Earth with so much joy in my heart to share, to assist wherever needed, to help others connect with their true light. AHO!

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