Airplane Food


I am off to INDIA, flying from NYC through France and Bahrain. Five flights in one week….Brasilia, Sao Paolo, NYC, Paris, Bahrain, New Delhi. I barely know my left from my right but I’m all smiles. A male lion totem, who introduced himself in Brazil, is too excited and proudly accompanying me to INDIA.

Found in the Bahrain airport:


1 cup friendship

½ cup hope

2 cups love

5 tbsp. respect

½ cup kindness

1 cup joy

3 tsp. understanding

1.5 cups honesty

*Mix friendship, love, and kindness in a large bowl.

*Add understanding a few drops at a time.

*Stir in honesty and joy for good firm dough.

*Sprinkle ½ the respect over it and mix well.

*Pour in cake pan and bake.

*When ready, pour the hope and rest of respect on top and share with everyone you know.

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