YONIverse YONIverse I love you!


The day is full of sunshine, 80 degrees, and Jackie and I are beeming with joy. I have to say it….OMG. Varkala I love you.

We walk down the cliffs to the beach and bake slowly, transforming our skin color like naan in the oven…Jackie is wearing the most sultry of bathing wear, an impulsively purchased suit from one of the shops on the strip that includes something resembling mosquito netting over her chest. Her boobies won’t be bit.

Beach to pool, singing, laughing, loving all. We later see a sign for a female sweat lodge and copy down the telephone number, feeling called to contact the shamanic sister hosting the event, connecting further with another on a similar path. Mel, a British beauty, agrees to meet the following day.

The sacred sisterhood of light is growing!

At the pool we enjoy the company of another divine feminine soul with a daughter and a partner of the same sex. It is certainly a struggle in India to be free sexually, this woman experiencing countless judgment, her lover banned from many jobs. It was a comical conversation nonetheless, this motherly yogi from Seattle questioning whether Jackie and I too were lovers (we were, apparently, although only in a past life) and even more confused after we explained our purpose for this world journey, highlighting the need for all to connect with Mother Gaia, the divine feminine, our hearts.

We said something about honoring our yonis….the need for all to live in a yoniverse. It was a shock for even a gay woman to hear.

Yes. It is time to ignite the goddess; let us reunite and balance Shiva and Shakti within!

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