Aliens and Amigos


We arise with the sun, around 7am, eager to receive what mysteries the yoniverse will offer. Oh sun. Father Ra. You are incredible.

We are required to move rooms to the seemingly same type of room one floor above and are told we will move again the following morning, if they have a room available, with definite permission for vacancy in two nights time. India organization is so silly and so perfect. Room 108 to 208 to 203 (perhaps)?

Mel, our new friend from the flyer,  is waiting for us at a café near the south cliff, a restaurant locals say no longer exists but in fact had a name change a week ago. Many tears fall down Jackie and Mel’s face after they embrace, a reunion of sisters after so many years apart and countless animal totems fly around Mel with elegance. Her connection to mother Gaia is so fierce and, as the three of us hold hands together we ground light into the Earth, channeling love from the center of our hearts in a sacred circle. We look like crazy witches.

AHHHH….life is magical.

Jackie and I head to the Janardanaswamy Temple* later in the day, a 2000 year old temple honoring Lord Vishnu. The energy is confusing at best and we meditate for a bit, entering the holy temple despite the sign instructing for permission for Hindus only. Our friendship for all gods/goddesses/fairies/angels/totems/light-beings seems to sanction entry. Prayers for all.

Swim. Yoga asanas at the pool followed by dinner alone at the Juice Shack, a simple dive run buy a plump South Indian man who takes pride in being involved with all who frequent his shop. He has the best Swami-esque beard. I am joined by a colorful German man who insists that I am Persian, I nod patiently. He is no less than a space-ship boarding musician with Jesus-long hair. Accepting erroneous ethnicity, no problem. Consenting to his belief that everything boils down to the human mind, not so easy. Outlandish exchange of words. I call Jackie’s spirit for assistance to leave and shortly after, she comes to fetch me. Wonderfully synchronistical a sister from Jackie’s previous tour through North India arrived at the same hotel so we head out to meet her and her new tour group, an animated mix of New Zealand, Britain, and India. International relations are harmonious and lovely. Attempted to sip a crappy (but so cheap) cocktail and bed.


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