The Golden Island


Our rooms are moved for the 3rd time, identical style accommodations. We giggle as we lug our backpacks to and from the reception house to the building with the chambers. It is fortunate they do in fact have a vacancy for the evening.

A cab arrives to pick up Mel, Jackie, and I to go for a boat ride to the Ponnumthuruth (the Golden Island) and location of a century-old Shiva-Parvathi temple. If legend is true, the royal ladies of Travancore hid away their jewelry on this island and hence the name Ponnumthuruth.

Coconut groves line the backwaters and we ride in a huge canoe with a local fisherman dressed in a traditional dhoti around his waist and his sweet young son, who assists eagerly at paddling the vessel with a bamboo oar and instructs us to view every single bright blue jellyfish that floats by. Egrets, herons, seagulls, eagles soar in the sky.

The island itself contains only the sacred temple and is guarded closely, the young boy leading us to each site and ushering us off quickly. No photographs, meat, alcohol permitted. The three of us stand together in meditation, receiving, sharing, anchoring positivity and love. A green channel of light is opened, a key unlocked, more energy grounded into the earth.

I sit alone for a bit under a wistful tree, in front of a statue of one in meditation, and feel powerful energy travelling through my spine. It is truly a holy place.

On the drive back we stop shortly at a deserted fisherman’s beach where we strip ourselves and bathe in the sea, baring our comparatively very white figures shamelessly. We tone, singing from our souls, lapping up the midday sun.

Later in the afternoon, I find myself teaching a few Swedish young girls asanas after being admired for standing on my head. We speak merely in the language of yoga for my Swedish is as poor as their English. They are so adorable!

Jackie’s friend from her last tour again invites us for dinner and we sup on the edge of the cliffs at one of the countless outdoor restaurants, enjoying the huge plates of food under the moonlight with the crash of waves within reach.

Life is so beautiful. Thank you sincerely Mother Gaia.

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