Star Sisters


Flights are confirmed for Thailand, our next portion of our journey spreading light, planting seeds of gratitude will commence tomorrow evening via Singapore.  I praise dear Jackie for her organization, her skilled years as a high profile business woman coming into notable play constantly during this trip. She methodically checks times (she wears a watch….aaahhhhhh!!!), internet sites, packs her bag daily. She keeps my fairy-ass on a much needed tight rope.  My backpack looks like it threw up after a night of dirty curry compared to her well-folded suitcase. We are a well-balanced team.

And she has the biggest heart. AHO!

More yoga in the sun…wishing I could do it with less (i.e. no) attire. Many Frenchies admire my asanas as they smoke and lounge by the pool. I would offer any of them free instruction with delight, perhaps assisting them in reducing their cancer stick consumption.

At a small hut I find a new secret cave of masala chai lusciousness. The longi wearing man looks at me with inquisitive eyes as I gulp my third cup. 10 rupees a piece (about 20 cents) is a gift; I fill my belly and journal a bit praying that the tea is indeed more sanitary than the homey? establishment. I ponder whether one can read the soot of masala chai as one does Turkish/Greek coffee. It is all possible.

I run into the space-ship boarding German guy for the upteempth time. Do we have unfinished business? I will engage in a didactic conversation if he bites. I feel the interest and also the flight. We will all be opened in due time it seems, when we are ready.

Last dinner at Claufoutis on the cliff.  Jackie and I enjoy another evening of multi-national cuisine and stroll along home, with copious excitement to head to Thailand to enjoy some proper pad Thai. And with no effort at all, a celestial crossing, we pass our two lady friends at a nearby café, giving us all the opportunity to depart properly with loving hugs.

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