Land of Smiles


Flight from Singapore to Bangkok is less than 2 hours and we cross another time zone. NYC is now a 12 hour difference. I feel so close yet so far away.

Bangkok is sticky and hot, nearly 90 degrees, but we are elated and eager to explore! We take an adorable pink taxi to Koh San Road, the main tourist street and check out a few abodes. We feel old, for most on the strip are either guzzling beer and/or discussing their hung-over status. A few British lads lay passed out in our hostel walkway.

We can bring light where ever we stroll; we can raise the vibration of all surrounding. We can weave the hearts of many, opening the eyes of our sisters and brothers to their truth within. AHO!

A smile was liberated across the face of the seemingly frustrated front desk attendant at our hostel. We will become good pals by the time we leave.

Spicy green papaya salad, street corner pad Thai similar to NYC hot dog and pretzel stands, I love you!


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