Golden Buddha Butt


My dreams are filled with golden Buddhas, Jackie placing a flower wreathe offering around one’s neck. We are meditating together, light emanating from the soles of our feet.

I place a call to a soul sister in the states for guidance; I am seeking clarity, confirmation. Jackie and I often go back and forth in such a manner but being that we are so emotionally close, I feel an outside source of someone I have yet to meet may be wise.

This talented spiritual goddess was more than amazing, counseling and validating my visions, assuring me that I will be provided for and that my mission as I have embarked is one of authenticity. She read my energy field from afar, used her countless psychic gifts, shared messages a non-believer would even accept as true.

I will remain in my heart-center. I will thank all fear and release it with love. I am in my power. I am EVE.

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

It is at Wat Pho, the magnificent temple with an enormous lying Buddha, I liberate, meditate, pray. The temple is elaborate, remarkable, indescribable….the details so intricate. I wonder who has the honor of spray painting Buddha’s butt? Jk.

We are caught in an Asian rain shower, a break from the heat, and then head back to collect our bags for we will have decided to leave Bangkok and head to Chaing Mai, a destination in the North known for trekking, tribal communities, water falls, more Buddhist temples. Our night train departs at 7:30pm and will be 14 hours.

Mysteries everywhere. We walk with grace.

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  1. Sounds amazing, Sar!!

    Suzie and I went to the Rubin Museum of Himalayan art yesterday and thought of you.. wondering how your travels were going.

    Hope everything is magnificent 😉

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