Veggie Heaven


Jackie left for Sukhothai, approximately eight hours south, I will remain in Chaing Mai. We are both being called to step further into our power, our light, our path, an easier task to do perhaps alone. It was a great experience to travel together for the last two weeks, us both learning so much on how to use our energies most successfully and keep our vibes high; being that we are both very sensitive and can be assertive energies, it was a wonderful opportunity to gather how to work harmoniously. No fights, tears, trauma. Jackie truly taught me so much, an amazing inspiration, and is one that is brimming full of generosity and love. She is the best sister one can ask for. Go goddess go!

I check out of SK House and find a perfect, less-costly abode around the corner with a private bathroom. And, mercifully, the desk attendant smiles without the addition of booze. Yay! There are not one, not two, but three all vegetarian restaurants surrounding the inn, one serving Masala chai with soy, another homemade Kombucha (one of my only attachments to being in the US), and a bike rental stand where one can cruise for 40 bahts a day (approximately $1.30). Blessings blessings everywhere!

And it is no accident that two friends from NYC are too in Chaing Mai. (As one door closes, two open!) I arrange to meet my compatriot for dinner, we swap travel stories, hostel horrors, life, and a traditional Chaing Mai noodle dish with wide sticky noodles. He agrees to veg it out for me and I am grateful. We will perhaps cross paths again for he is heading to many of the locations I am too called. The spirit of his grandmother is also present with us as we dine, she commending him and asking him to be more kind to himself, less guilt ridden. Oh Jews. We need to lighten up and listen more to the Buddhists.

There is no nobility in suffering.

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