Rainbow Harmony


Leisurely step out of bed at 8 am, the latest for a long period of time, to another dazzlingly sunny day.  Slow yoga and a morning stroll to the market to revel in exotic fruit. I stain my fingers with the most lush ruby beet color from the mangosteen skin, slurping down the milky flesh of the interior. Sapodillas, exceptional mangos, love.

I practice meditation at Wat Chedi Luang in the center of the old city, kiss the dragon with reverence, and then meander the streets more, tasting colorful bubble teas scooped from buckets filled with tiny ice chips and served with a wide straw adept at gulping the circular balls of black gumminess. The kids at the tea stand smile honestly as I sample. We are all children. Let us be joyous and free.

I originally had plans to meet with my other friend from NYC, an adorable younger brother of a French colleague from Balthazar. I could feel an urge to go to the night market instead and tried to contact him as we arranged to chat around 7pm. My skype would not work on any network, hotel desks provided no assistance, and my pay phone encounter was humorous at best. I dropped countless coins on the floor, the magazine man laughing at me, and was only able to exchange a few words with my friend before the calls cut off. Twice. So I headed to the night market and ditched plans to meet, perusing the tables of goods and food stalls, staggering beneath the breathtakingly colorful lanterns that lined the sky. Bustling energy and full of life.

I sampled dried sweet tomatoes and bizarre yellow cherries while watching feathered transvestites dance with desire. I was guided to go back to the food stands even though I wasn’t genuinely hungry and I sat down for a plate of noodles shortly after to be approached by a couple who asked kindly to share my table. As I began chatting with the man, he sharing his experience volunteering in Sri Lanka, I realized that he was one from my meditation retreat, a guy I felt much called to speak to but did not have a chance. Thank you spirit for bringing us together again (I also crossed the path of two others on the street the evening before when I was out with my other NYC amigo.) We are all coming together perfectly.

We chatted for a long time about community, unity, selflessness.  Perhaps I will end up in Sri Lanka at some point, for the women need help there very badly. I imagine volunteering my time with yoga and meditation.

The man and his lady friend were so wonderful….and totally twin flames, a term they have yet to specifically hear but when I described how their energy fields were intertwined visually, they disclosed that a man in Croatia a year ago had said the same thing. They are both so fearless, leading a partnered life of service and love. He was born in Spain, English parents, and volunteers in Sri Lanka. She is native to South Africa.

International love.

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