Circles of Life


I receive a kind email from my friends from last evening, sharing a list of possibilities for short-term global volunteer work. I will perhaps spend some time in Cambodia or Indonesia working with children and/or women. I will serve as I am called. Money to do so will be manifested if it should be.

Bike, hike, meditate my afternoon away, enjoying some of the freshest cuisine at one of the vegetarian eateries. A vegan yogi couldn’t be more satisfied in this country. Aho!

I do connect with my French friend, via facebook, and agree to meet at 8pm for drinks. It is truly miraculous how we are quickly shifting our consciousness to one of service, altruism, working together as one. He is enrolled in a three month program to study the art of Thai massage, a path so distant from his previous life in the business world. Faux-hawk hair, flip-flops, completely relaxed attitude, transformation. Our time together in a Chaing Mai reggae bar was another universe compared to the last time we shared cocktails in NYC, at Puck Fair where peer-pressure imbibing, bar stool dancing, and bathroom drug consumption is the norm. Fellow students from his school and his girlfriend joined as well, the mojitos with fresh Thai mint flowing graciously.

I walk home with one of the ladies, nonstop chatting about the creation of a New Earth, discussing our role as leaders, fearless inspirations, ones teaching to live from the heart…she is also a cancer yogi, who is staying in the same hotel, on the same floor, in the room next door.

We laugh.

Tomorrow to PAI!

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