Email of Lessons & Love


I receive the following email today and feel implored to share:

“Your blog is breathtakingly beautiful.  You appear to be having an amazing experience.


1. Your running around the world and meeting new people and healers every day is not going to heal your inner self. When you ready to truly do so, I can help you find a therapist in NYC. Inner healing is not found from external travel.

2. It only takes one bug bite to kill. Please use bug spray!

3. Reality is reality. You need to plan your adventures so that you can afford to get back to NYC. Neither you nor we should feel that we are being used.”

I do want to first thank this person for their honesty and concern, it means a lot to know I am so loved in NYC. And yes, absolutely, one needs not travel anywhere to find contentment, healing, or self-worth. All knowledge is within.

The objective of my travels perhaps is not clear to all and thus deserves further explanation. I receive messages via dreams, visions (I am often gifted with third-eye images), sitting meditation, and channeled messages. In November I was called strongly to Brazil and have continued following such guidance to where ever I am directed. (I.e. My original return flight from Brazil to NYC was not until the end of February but via spiritual direction I was sent to India in mid-January. Confirmation in the more physical plane of “reality” included a sister calling me to travel with her from New Delhi, four emails from compatriots in India I have yet to meet beckoning to visit all within the same couple of days, and an email from an old credit card points program telling me I can fly from NYC to New Delhi for $168 one-way.)

I now check with inner guidance daily, feeling into my heart where I should be. I am called to a world-wide tour. As an open channel to spirit (this can be expressed in so many ways…higher/true-self, creator, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, fairies, shamanic guides, magic, energy, light, love, etc.) one can assist others in connecting more deeply with their truth, one can facilitate healing, one can teach, inspire, serve. It is my greatest honor and intention to do as such.

True I gratefully received unbelievable personal healing while at the Casa of John of God, in particular the removal of attachments and old pain, I also furthered my skills as a medium and healer, abilities I share habitually.

It seems that we have the opportunity to improve ourselves endlessly, a beautiful and exciting journey we call life. Each person we encounter perhaps sharing something new, revealing another shade of ourselves…we are thus all teachers and all students. Each of us has a unique purpose for walking on Mother Gaia, no gift more or less noble, I am simply breathing my own truth as I am called.

Am I unique and special? Absolutely! as we all equally are.

Ok. Bug spray? Check. I have some awesome organic Thai stuff made with citronella oil.

Money? This tour is being funded by donation but I certainly do not want anyone to ever feel slighted or taken advantage of…the energy exchange should be equal or a self-less offering. I lovingly give yoga classes and healing sessions, using my reiki and shamanic training, and I am also a skilled vegetarian cook specializing in raw vegan cuisine. There is an abundance of everything we need in this world including money, and sometimes those with excess share. I know that I will be provided for if it is in alignment with my truth to continue walking this path but absolutely put no pressure on anyone to do so.

I am of the opinion that the financial system as we know it is not the only way to exchange energy. It is not a sustainable system as the disparity between the poor and rich grows further daily, countless people around the world without clean water, food, and shelter. It does not have to be so for there is abundance of everything we need on this Earth. We simply need to redistribute. Let us pray that we all come to this understanding and wealth.

I love you so much, new and old friends alike. Thank you for your emails and comments. I appreciate them all.

Love and light,


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