Wat Xieng Thong


Biking and exploring Luang Prabang I cross the path of a Canadian sister from the bus no less than four times as well as a French native, who was additionally present on my bus journey from Chaing Mai to Pai. I am certain we will commune later.

I tour the grounds of Wat Xieng Thong, the most significant of the Lao monasteries from the 1500s, a mark of the principal religion of Theravada Buddhism. (Animism is common among the mountain tribes where shamans historically have guided the communities…the practices today often a mixture of spiritism and Buddhism.) Sitting in traditional mediation I am moved more deeply than I have yet in other Wats on this journey. Time and space pass infinitely in front of the glorious altar, my heart expanding with joy. I rise woozy yet lively, wandering the gardens, pavilions, shrines before heading down to the river edge to continue my prayers.

(On the wall seems to be a depiction of creation and the tree of life. Buddha confirms yes.)

Naturally I pass my sister again, another magnificent star child, sincerely connected to spirit and the formation of community. She like the many is less than 22 years old and has also chosen the “Mystery School” education of experience, voyaging around the world, volunteering, spreading her love for the last few years instead of the traditional university path.  The blessed sister could tank Christopher Columbus in the arena of international travel proficiency.

An extended chat about it all, the path of light, how to lead and inspire from the heart…we are coming together in service to assist the great establishment of a world where we all live in peace. We are one.

*I am feeling a bit unwell recently, knowing I must protect my energy field with more intention. I call in all of guides, my ancestors, the councils of light. Please assist me on this journey. It may also be mild food poisoning from eating street cuisine. 🙂

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