Full Moon


Happy International Women’s Day!

There is a sea of women parading down the main street of Krabi town, ladies in magenta pink, some with head scarfs and others in traditional silk Thai dresses. I decide to remain in Krabi for another evening and will explore Ao Nang beach, the only beach in this providence accessible by road. The other beaches can be reached by long boats and will be certainly paid a visit in the near future.

Ao Nang is a 40 minute tuk-tuk ride away, a beach that is intensely touristy but nonetheless stunning. Thank you Andaman for being so dazzling and blue. I sneak into the rear of a beachfront resort and lie on a matted chaise lounge, feeling foreign, young, but at peace. Plump couples from Germany and Russia lay beside, most of the men with smaller bathing trunks than my bikini bottom. We are all sexy.

I nap in the sunshine, I float in the sea.

Back in Krabi it showers erratically and I duck into a restaurant for relief. It happens to be a vegetarian place no less and MSG free, a perfect respite for my voracious tummy. There is no menu and no signage so I voyeuristically peruse the plates of the other diners to find which suits me best. A friendly French couple assists me on this journey, ordering for me in proper Thai. They are expats in Krabi for five years, she teaching French and he a sound engineer. We chat as we munch away at our chewy soy protein dishes before I am directed to a juice bar owned by an acquaintance, a Thai woman, who seeks guidance in opening a yoga studio.

Krabi town is known for being a “lively town, lovely people” and it is all too true.

Liberated from MSG pollution yet full, I eagerly seek this new friend. I am unsuccessful in the hunt but find a wonderful used book store where I purchase “The Kite Runner” to carry with me for my journey tomorrow to Ton Sai, a destination without electricity, WIFI, or hot water but with rock climbing, kayaking,  fire spinning, and the best roti in Asia, so I hear!

The moon is full and intense; the energetic combination of the moon and women’s day one that is unstoppable! YONIverse love.


Dear brothers and sisters,

I am signing off for a few days and send you all copious amounts of love and light.



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