Yogi Paradise


My dreams are intense. Many visions of assisting my host’s villa. I will share with my kind brother later.

Ubud is a town of woman in yoga pants with cute rears. Spirulina is a common denominator as is kirtan, organic, aura, star family, love. I mind not being a stereotype; I am unique still.

I head back into town riding with Nyoman on the back of his motorbike and enjoy local fruit at the central market, more snake fruit, fresh tamarind, and bright purple mangosteen with a slimy white interior before finding the office for next week’s international yoga, music, spirit festival. It seems as if all positions for volunteering are filled for the moment yet I am certain other opportunities will arise if my attendance is meant to be.

Ahhhh…today is purely sunny and warm, the season of rain nearly coming to an end. Nyepi naturally has added to the feeling of clarity and light. The town is reawakening in a Balinese new year.

I snake through the streets of Ubud, pleasuring in the sight of all the flourishing fauna, the intricate Hindu temples and stone carvings, the dress of the locals, the shops filled with natural goodies, traditional batiks, musical instruments, hairy masks, incense and candles galore. Yogi Eden.

At the yoga barn, one of the many stunning yoga shrines in Ubud I attend a flying yoga class. It is a full class of international students and taught by a dynamic duo from South America and the US. We begin in a harmonious circle, chanting OM and a Buddhist mantra before linking arms and connecting our energies. I share space with many beautiful souls, switching partners often; the practitioners are on many different levels yet all appreciate the value of community exercise. There is an acrobatic element as well as one that is spiritual in nature. And most importantly, flying yoga is about having fun.

In the rear of the multi-level compound that includes three spaces for asana and meditation, a book shop, treatment rooms, and an ayurvedic center, is an open-aired café surrounded by untamed greenery of fruit trees and Hindu statues. Raw vegan selections are divine.

A couple from Australia who met exactly one year ago in Ubud at the 2011 Bali yoga, music, spirit festival offers me a ride to the charity yoga festival in Canggu tomorrow, a town on the beach. They are both experienced yogis, he teaching in both fairs. They live in Byron Bay whenever they are not traveling, holding workshops around the world.

Miracles, love, light.

The geckos that crawl along the wall speak loudly as I sleep.

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