The reality of being so far from my family and love is traumatizing. I know my opportunities here are abundant and flowing, I couldn’t ask for anything more, but I am around the world from NYC.

Alas there is a deep level of knowing I am where I should be and I will listen.

We are all guided by our ancestors, our totems, our heart. It is here where all the answers of the universe can be found, a place of sacred truth. Resisting the abundance of offerings, the signs, the creative flow on how to contribute to the local Balinese community, would be plain asinine. My heart has already committed to staying here for a bit of time, it is perhaps my monkey mind that needs tending.

I am feeling separation anxiety still yet mixed with a profound knowing that I am coming into my full power.  Jumping into the pool, asking the water for cleansing is a good remedy for such confusion. A short swim in the blessed element is followed by a restorative yoga class with Cat Kabira. There is deep emphasis on connection with the core and breath. Movement is gentle, perfect.

In the beginning of an acroyoga class we exercise guiding others blind. One partner is the driver, the other the car. Building trust and working harmoniously in a sea of international yogis is gorgeous, a flawless representation of the world yet to come. The class is guided by a dynamic duo of Latinos, he from Spain and she from Mexico. The accent and energy is sexy and fun. Everyone is hugging, supporting, loving one another without boundaries.

I send a quick email thanking my original Bali host and then immediately run into him on street, flow baby flow. We ride on the back of his galactic motor vehicle to head to the night festival activities. A show is in progress on a huge stage, there are vendors selling crystals, tapestries, jewelry, yogi clothing, creative art. A performance with shirtless Balinese men drumming on their chests entitled Kobagi Kecak is alive; it is a crazy body percussion with bamboo banging, gamelan, comedic excitement.

The male tribe is followed by a competition with a younger dance group and then a stellar performance by the Luminaries, a “consciousness-expanding hip hop” ensemble. With the energy of shakti following pervasively, attendees shake their bodies to beats under flashing lights. Lyrics include “go goddess go…and drunk off kombucha”. Kombucha, also known perhaps as yogi beer, was available for purchase in addition to stronger selections. Smiles all around. The vibration of the mother Earth is raised as we come together in a sacred celebration of love.

Check out the Luminaries and dance, dance, dance!:

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  1. It’s normal to miss your family of flesh and blood.Nothing wrong with that. You have been gone for months! I am glad you met the Luminaries based out of Los Angeles! Tom Glide finished part of The Luv All Stars album in Daniel Kreiger’s studio! Smaller and smaller world. You photos are fantastic, your writing great. I am enjoying very much these travels with you.

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