Bali Spirit Festival Finale


Another yoga class with the Aussie leader. His class is filled with yogis of various levels and he tends to the needs of different practitioners well. Yamas and niyamas, the ethical guidelines of Ashtanga (aka the yogi ten commandments) are lightly discussed.


• Ahimsa: compassion

• Satya: truth

• Asteya: non-stealing

• Brahmacharya: self-control/moderation

• Aparigraha: non-coveting


• Saucha: purity

• Santosha: contentment

• Tapas: discipline

• Svadhyaya: self-study

• Ishvara Pranidhana: surrender

Beautiful words of knowledge for all.

AwaHoshi leads another magical two hour crystal healing session, a large box of her wheat grass sitting next to the bowls. The energy of the green plant must certainly be amplified following a presentation, chewing on some blades bringing miraculous body and soul therapy. She is braless, wild and free.

After selecting a ribbon from a jar filled with multicolored satin we are asked to partner with another and set our intentions for the session, assisting one another in amplifying the wish. I grasp the hand of a man to my left, one of 500 attendees who happened to ride in the shuttle car with me the day before. Circle, circle, light, light. He is a charming guy originally from Malaysia and is blossoming on a mystical path as he moves away from his business world, one that brings him tons of melancholy and stress. I recommend drinking mate tea instead of coffee, a natural anti-depressant, and to keep one’s blood more alkaline and clean a green juice first thing every morning (to begin to heal his physical body). He takes notes on paper like in an official meeting.

My brother did not receive a ribbon and the spirit of his Chinese grandmother guides me to tie my red ribbon around his wrist. Luck and love spread without limits.

The sound portion is forty minutes following a tradition in kabbalah that states that forty is the number of wisdom. The remainder of the time is sagely used to discuss the properties of crystals, including the 13 ancient skulls, holistic lifestyle choices, indigenous elders. AwaHoshi herself is part Native American and is received by Hopi & Navaho elders as one who “brings circles of peace & healing around the world”. AHO sister. I think fondly of Pancho the crystal skull, his immense presence in NYC this past summer, and the day he walked away from his guardian and is now presumably traveling the world. I am curious what country he lays his head.

Creation station at the festival:

I hug another sister from the Desa Seni event and fairies fly with sparkles. Her energy is one that perfectly agrees with teaching yoga to children. On the ride back to town I sit next to a Korean sister who too tells me I will remain in Bali and set up a life here. I share about plant medicine and Brazil, she questions if it can be purchased in a health food store and what it tastes like, and again I am truly hoping it will soon be accessible to all. Heart healing, awakening, connection.

I return to my homestay and sit with the mother of the house at the large circular marble table in the main lobby area, served passionfruit with a tiny silver fork to pull out the seeds gracefully, to enjoy mangosteen in the same fashion, in addition to tea and cookies on china. She is a gorgeous queen bee, fair skinned, and powerful. She has run the compound of bungalows, a gallery and store, a temple and dance performance space for more than thirty years alone; she is a grandmother, socialite, of the royal caste, and dresses exquisitely in a lace kebaya and intricate sarong. Her face speaks of years younger, she shares that she dances for thirty minutes first thing every morning to get her energy moving. Shakti sister shaking! Her daughter-in-law is with us too, newly spiritually awakened and zesty. I talk of teaching yoga and meditation and they chuckle with encouragement, just discussing about using the large open-aired space in their massive complex as a studio. Family love.

Hanging in my bungalow:

The last evening of the festival includes more music and dance, a successful high vibe celebration of light.

Check out more pictures, etc. from the festival here:

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