Cuckoo for Coconuts


There is a glorious tramp through the rice fields that begins near the bridge over the rushing river on the edge of Ubud, also called the Campuan ridge. Campuan is a sacred area, I don’t think there is a single place here in Bali that is not, and translates to “the meeting of two rivers”. I meet my American friend from the kooky Brahma Kumaris meditation and we head off. He is wearing a skirt and I pants, modernity at its finest. He is a star brother, a very old soul and healer and knows it not fully yet, I feel fully blissfully ungrounded as I share messages flowing through. I take off my shoes to touch mother earth on the trek for if I don’t literally touch the soil ground I may fly through dimensions and never return. I am certain he thinks I am a nut but is intrigued still. All is perfect.

The rice fields are lush and brightly green, nourished from the months of the rainy season that is now passing. There is silence from the motorbikes, views of mountain side homes and fauna. Beauty everywhere.

Fresh coconut water is perfect hydration after a stroll; the coconuts here are massively delicious.

I lounge later with my motherly queen and continue conversing about life in Bali, her own personal saga. I tell her she will find love again and she laughs shaking her head. She desires not to give up her sovereignty, her passion, her independence. Women must move in with the man’s family. Her first marriage was arranged and lacking genuine emotions; she is a true Sagittarius and fiery, I imagine her eating any potential suitors alive. It is challenging to leave her marble table for she continues to offer snacks and chat. The generosity is unbelievable.

My tour guide from the cat poo day grabs me on the street, jumping out behind a building to startle me and then hugging me tightly. Balinese are so friendly and warm and love to yak endlessly yet I am seeking a bit of time alone. I thank him profusely for linking me to my homestay and continue my stroll through central Ubud, shortly crossing a path again with my fairy sister who teaches yoga to kids. Small town it is, this is no NYC.

Dining of raw organic delights, a rainbow plate of love that includes kale. Hail to the kale! I have missed you dearly. The food is not typically Balinese or cheap but my body is asking for such nourishment.  I will honor her divinity.

Dream time with the angels.

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  1. Dearheart Sarah,
    you are such a gifted writer.  I look forward to your blog . I thank you for nourishing our souls. From across seas and beyond mountains I send you a long warm embrace. I see you in all your glory in the moon as it shines full this night . Shallom Salam & Peace

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