Divinely Feminine


Pura Saraswati temple on the main steet of Ubud. Let us honor the goddess of wisdom, music, and art, the divine feminine that exists within us all.

I see an advertisement for an angel healing session and know I must attend. I call the number of the host and feel the universal love flow as he calls me darling with the best Aussie accent.

The session is held in the lotus room bungalow of the Delicious Onion restaurant, a perfect uterine circle abode with crystals and the most peaceful energy.  There are 13 of us, another sacred union of sisters and brothers coming together to heal and assist.

The Aussie brother is one of the most gifted males I have encountered. He has been seeing angels and spirits for years and is completely psychic, sharing his journey as a child with severe cerebral palsy who asked for healing on himself from spirit to let him leave his wheelchair bound life. He walks unassisted now and travels around the world assisting all to communicate with other dimensions.

The channels are open as we hold hands, the heavenly light pouring into the room. A short meditation is followed, sitting on plush natural fiber cushions on the floor. We all ask to connect with our guides and angels, the lights dimmed, and the journey begins!

Everyone in the group was sincerely gifted; one woman channels ancient grandmothers to give us each a personal message. A member of the Luminaries band from the Bali Spirit festival show is present.

There were so many spirits in the room it was incredible. I met my Asian red dragon again, my turtle totem Arnold, my biological grandmothers, Lady Nada, Jesus and his dove, divine mother. There was a huge antelope for someone else, fairies, dragonflies, so many birds. I heard songs from the indigenous Amazonians and rhymes from the star people.

We throw around the concept of twin flames or twin souls after closing the energies. It seems as if people are coming together with their other half to be of service to humanity, to assist in the raising of global consciousness. These are the most sacred relationships, one’s ultimate soul partner. It is said that prior to one uniting physically with one’s twin flame, one must consciously heal and become complete within one self. Twin flame relationships cannot prevail in codependency or from any notion that one’s other half will make one whole. Separations often occur as each individual must strengthen one’s spiritual connection and find one’s unique purpose before the holy union is lasting, which can still be perhaps challenging for dealing with one’s mirror is never easy. Any personal issues, shadows, fears may be heightened, encouraging deeper levels of personal healing. These relationship nonetheless can be the most rewarding if one clears out one’s shit for coming together with one’s other half, one’s other half of creation, will yield infinite unconditional love for one another and the universe.

The grandmother channeling woman is quick to confirm the trials of being in such a union, winking affectionately at her soul partner who is too present at the session.

There are many ideas regarding this concept…this is my rant only.

Non-sequitor sharing…my yoni fizzles to let me know with confirmation that I am where I am supposed to be as if it is talking. It is a totally strange and miraculous feeling that has been occurring for about a month, more and more often recently. Perhaps I will have a full kundalini awakening soon! I think I am going through puberty again. Break out the Midol.

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