Eel Education


I am invited to Titra Empul again, the cleansing holy waters. I suppose I need another bath.

With Nash, the angel seeing brother, and the grandmother channeling sister and her partner, along with another super intuitive sister from Singapore, we head through the paddies up the windy paths to Titra Empul. I am in a car with master healers and feel honored to spend time with those in their full power and light. Opportunity for learning and expansion.

It is a perfect day for purification, the strength of the full moon actively assisting. First altar offering and prayers continued by the same dunking under each spring, everyone clad in sarong. I again request healing for some I know request. It is quite busy at the holy springs for many have been called in the same manner, the pools shared by locals and tourists alike.

The experience is equally as powerful as the first, one feels light and lifted of all fears, shadows, and pains after completing plunging in the waters. We cruise around the temple complex a bit, viewing the giant eels in the pond (holy shit! I have never seen a water snake so large) and enjoying chewy rambutan and mangosteen fruit.

My best eel face:

It would be easy to be a fruitarian here for they are all so delicious. Snakefruit is my current favorite…pineapple water chestnut. It looks like a testicle but tastes crunchy and sweet.

In the ride back I am educated about reaching other dimensions, higher heart connection, etc.; our van is a new-age university and I the virginal pupil. The channeling sister gives me a heap of prints with hand drawn visions of chakras, portals, energy lines to be used for mediation and connection as well as a small bottle with some magical potion for removing all unnecessary patterns, vibrational amplification, and more. She blesses the medicine and I am sincerely grateful for my gifts.

Nash and I lay on the earth to allow the integration of energies before I sup at Dayus once more, she is the only Balinese I know who enjoys raw salad.

I feel as if I am living in a time warp, the passing of existence streaming rapidly and I floating on the ride. I make no plans, I simply allow. I cannot believe I have been in Bali for three weeks. Wow.

I now have a cheap cell phone with a local sim card. My number if you want to give me a ring:  +62081239603149.

I am pretty sure 62 is the country code and if you are in Indonesia already, you simply call 081239603149.

I love you all.

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