Rooster Chanting


I am open to the possibility of a new home to crash. I search for a bit, there are countless homestays at a range of costs, some with pools, breakfast, a/c, wifi. I seek simplicity and cleanliness and no roosters. The sound of such animals is present at countless abodes as is the resonance of practicing gamelans in the early morning. I am sleeping a lot, more than ever before, and want to honor my body’s needs.

Which home to choose?

On my morning stroll after slurping down the juice of the freshest green coconut, hacked open by a women with guns I would not mess with, I am guided to enter a two leveled hut called the Love Space. It is a basic shanty created by a brother with the intention of skill sharing, workshops, classes, healing, all free of charge. Energetic exchanges only. I sit with two guys who are chatting about past-lives and I assist as I may, helping interpret the visions. The French guy is a white tiger, completely feline, and a brother from the stars. Brother number two is a master as well, we sing together about synchronicity. Peace and love flow in a harmonious circle. A sister joins for a moment; she has decided to remain in Ubud for an extended period of time instead of going to the beach. Aho! I tried to leave for the beach too my first week here but was called to stay. Spontaneous quick meditation before heading for another house hunt. I run into the sister again from Love Space on the street, the melodies of the synchronicity song continually resonating in my head, and she shows me her amazing place. Although the roosters are a bit distracting the family is extremely warm, I may choose to switch. I will feel into this a bit more later.

The homestays are inconsistent with price. Some are more ornate Hindu dwellings overlooking temples, some in the back of individual homes where one walks through a mess of construction (everyone is building/fixing something here) to a back area where four-six bungalows stand, some with shallow beds on bamboo frames, some with white sheets. Many options, all are willing to negotiate for a month long price.

Can I commit to a month? AHHHH!! I am so uncertain, it is easy to know where to be today but I have no idea about tomorrow. I find making commitments impossible, in particular in a place where the vibration is so high that planning is always futile. One must simply allow and role with the flow for everything is provided as such. I will ease back on the homestay commitment. It seems I will find the perfect place when it is time. Or perhaps I will remain with the queen, whose rooms need a severe upgrade but the location is grand and the wifi consistent (comparatively).

I am nonetheless asked to come for an interview for the newly forming yoga studio. I may take this as a sign to stay put, for now.

At a Japanese vegetarian warung I sit on the round floor cushions for some tea, a blended concoction of warm fresh tamarind, ginger, and lemon served in a tiny pot to digest it all. There are so many great places to lounge in Ubud and execute such activities, one can lay and philosophize to the produce loving gods endlessly.

I am quickly joined by the French brother from Love Space, the white tiger. He is of amazing strength and clarity. I attempt to disprove the statement “we are reflections of what we see in another”.  Can we ever sense a quality, energy, trait, gift in another person and it not be part of our own constitution? I can’t refute. We are mirrors of what we perceive.

Back to Dayus where she makes me a random plate of chewy red rice and a vegan lemongrass curry with coconut milk, soy beans, long beans, carrot, purple cabbage, ginger. I am gifted complimentary rosella tea.

Rosella flower:

I question if I can come make a raw vegan cake one day and she shows me her awesome sparkly new springform pan. Rock on sister. I am craving to cook, to create a feast. I am certain this will be manifested shortly.

“Anyone who loves much learn to lose themselves and then find themselves again”. –Paul Coelho

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