Monkey Business


The rain pours fervently all evening, leaving a swamp in the bathroom of dirty water and crumbling wall mold. The bungalows here at the queens need massive renovations. I change to another bungalow here, one bathroom and one main room light do not function but the floor is dry. I am open universe to a new home although do not feel it will be in a traditional Balinese homestay, I envision creating a community living space with the Love Space boys, the fairy sister, the other from the ashram, the Russian brother and many more. My dreams are revealing many possibilities, the physical space will seemingly present itself in due time. Visions fly fast I sometimes feel crawling in my skin with ideas. Patience Eve, patience.

I return to Bali Buddha and am greeted by an angelic sister. She was at the villa of the acro playtime last evening and is an avid hoola hooper, carrying her sparkly toys with her. We know each other well, sharing our galactic journeys across mama earth.

Back in the rear of the Japanese shop there is a sample movement class by an old Eastern European yogi. It is creative combination of Qigong, sacred geometry, shamanic circle, and free expression.  The five of us tasting his divine conception all felt connected and blissed out following the fifteen minute appetizer. This man can do wonders with his work.

I bike some more, the only push bike in the sea of motors, heading up Monkey Forest Road past the sanctuary of primates. The gray animals roam the area freely, visitors often feeding them treats. I sit for a moment under the most glorious Banyan tree before a devious and sly monkey snatches away my large water bottle sitting next to my backpack, bites a hole in the bottom, and sips with a smile on his naughty face. Another crafty beast grabs my entire bag of limes out of my backpack and chews away at the sweet green fruit. These critters are quick! Alas a baby monkey sits on my bike and takes a nice chunk out of the seat, I return to riding for I have nothing else to steal.  I feel like the main character from Caps for Sale sans moustache.

I run into a Balinese real estate friend who has helped me see a bunch of homestays, we chat for a bit and eat snakefruit before hoping on the back of his motorbike to view a house nearly completed in construction. He shares that he feels I will assist him in renting the house. I will do my best.

Biking and singing mantras I head back to the market to buy more limes for tea and cookies for my brothers who work for the queen. I love them so.

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