Turtle Totems


My blue-eyed alien brother picks me up to head to Cokorda’s sanctuary, Balian numero two (i.e. the dough boy version). He sneaks me to his own home first sans permission again, insisting I drink coffee and natter. It is challenging to be an angel seeing Balinese Hindu it seems, he finds my friendship comforting for I can honor his visions. He kindly invites me into his family. I am truly blessed with kindness, the gods showering generousity. To the universe I too radiate unconditional love, we all deserve nothing less.

Cokorda, alien brother, and I practice many forms of pranayama breathing, moving energy from the base of our spines to our crowns. He is so smiley the Balian, understanding happiness and peace truly from a deep place in his heart. He instructs me to practice the breathing techniques for twenty-one days before I can make any steps further; I eagerly, impatiently want to learn his traditional Balinese techniques of healing. We meditate together with our eyes closed before a throng of clients enter the walls in need of assistance. I appreciatively am witness to a healing, one where he channels great light and maneuvers a woman’s limp body in various ways.

Back in town I walk past the glorious bridge connecting Ubud to Penestanan and up the long flight of stairs covered in vines and turtle statues (one of my beloved totems) to meet a sister from the organic farm in East Bali. She is an inspiration beyond words, a goddess in her power leading a life of pure service. It is interesting how little she believes in spirituality despite being so seemingly connected and one who listens well. I judge her not for popping pain killers for her aches.

The project commenced in 2003 to assist poor farmers to not only be self-sufficient but maintain a traditional way of life. Profits from the organic garden and livestock are used for education; foreigners are invited welcomely to participate in all of the activities at the farm, working in the fields, learning about the native medicinal herbs, building new structures, teaching English, assisting the women in making traditional artwork, etc.

The motivated angelic sister travels to Singapore often to raise funds for the farm, hosting many social events among the elite. The money is funneled into purchasing more pigs, one can sponsor buying a cow, plant a tree in honor of another, contribute in the building of a new physical edifice. She speaks of her many years of experience traveling through Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, touching many with her generous and open heart. I walk her back to her modest abode, meeting her friendly female feline and wishing her well on her upcoming adventure to Singapore. We will reconvene to collaborate further when she returns.

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”Robert A. Heinlein

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