The Gift of Ganesha


As I leave the queen’s compound I walk into the alien brother whom I met in Varkala, one I ran into countless times in the small Indian town on the beach. Our work together is clearly not finished. He has wild long hair and piercing blue eyes and is less grounded than I it appears. We flitter and I jump with joy when I see his smiling face. He is in Ubud to study gamelan, amplifying his musical talents.

To Titra Empul I am bound again with a group of gorgeous goddesses. And organically, synchronistically, I run into the French sister who is too staying with the queen and has a mutual friend in the circle of women. We all cleanse together, enjoying blessed food following yet another magical experience. Water is soundly refreshing, healing, beautiful. I purify for many, calling in the spirits of sisters and brother afar whom seem to request assistance in this time.

Back in Ubud I run into a circus loving compatriot I have crossed countless times in addition to the only afro-haired Balinese brother I have encountered who passes on a bike. It is the fourth time in one week to feel his high-vibrational presence; I will absolutely chat in our next meeting.  I sit with the queen for a minute at her large marble table in the lobby, a place where she is often posted and passersby’s cannot easily leave.

I walk around for quite some time seeking dinner yet find it impossible to sit down anywhere. I sit on the edge of a street and am completely puzzled, hungry and unable to choose for I am being called elsewhere. I saunter around countless streets and ultimately walk past the afro guy, from a deep place in my heart I know this is where I am called to be.

He says he recognizes me too. I question if he is a healer and with a modest smile the kind man states as he sips a mug of tea outside a tiny used bookstore: “I am a channel of god nothing more”. We hang out for a while, I am feeling nourished by more than any dinner could provide.

After I speak of my love for Ganesha he reaches into his fanny pack and hands me a small jade carving of the deity. I am honored to receive the statue which he has carried for nearly three years. I gift him a sacred item in return, held in my purse too for some time patiently waiting to be gifted. We are one.

I place the Ganesha on my altar, feeding the spirits champa incense before laying my body to rest. Aho!

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