Yin and Yang


Ahh. The roosters. I am trying to learn to love you but it is barely 7 am. I greet the sun and many of my fellow brothers and sister whom have been awake since sunrise. They are more eager souls than I to rise so early. In general everyone is up at dawn here in Bali, harmonious with nature. Morning markets begin around 4 am, yoga mysore classes at 6:30 am, meditation at 5 am. I am part yogi, half NYC cat. I would love to be asleep by 10 pm and will work harder to accomplish this goal.

At the beach again we swim, enjoying the soft warm water. The local warung across the street delivers a pile of coconuts for us to hydrate, the sun already intensely strong in the early morning. For $0.80 per coconut we cannot refuse. I hack open a coconut for the first time, flattening the base first for stability and cracking open a small hole through the top to prick with a straw. It is no easy feat, my guns strengthened well as I slash the inner hard core with a mildly dull sword. Alas the young green coconuts are enormous and filled with the most delightful juice. I could live on coconuts alone I believe.

I stroll along the main road and am accosted by a man in the driveway of a neighboring homestay who invites me into his compound. I am intrigued by his call, following behind the pony tailed peculiar male. We sit on the porch of one the bungalows as his staff brings tea and coffee, he knows that I do not drink coffee without asking my preference. Cigarette after cigarette he smokes as we drink the hot beverages, he is the owner of the homestay and a gifted intuitive. I question his energy and intention privately in my mind but am fascinated still. He says my chakras need clearing and that I need some help, which is why he beckoned my call. I don’t agree with his diagnosis, working daily to maintain crystal clear chakras through singing and color visualizations.

We talk about yin and yang, the darkness and the light and the need for balance of the two. I feel as if I hold something energetically that he seeks. Or that he is a sex magician. Our spiritual banter is interrupted by an offbeat and friendly Aussie couple who seeks accommodation. He is burly crinkly faced, red-headed truck driver from Perth and she an adorable Taiwanese-born sister with very prominent braces. She takes my picture as if I am a historical site. I suppose my lounging on the floor outside of one the bungalows with the kooky chain smoking Balinese guy wearing all black is equally as odd as the sight of the two. I convince them to stay for the place is actually quite nice, tidier and more modern than most other options in the area.

The dark lord offers to do a healing session for me, stating he does free sessions for all needing assistance for he is “in service to creator”. Not so sure he isn’t self-serving first but I will suspend judgment. Like most Balinese I personally encounter on this small island, he is a multi-dimensional business man and Balian. I am guarded but will go to his home to his sacred room that he claims is filled with exotic found item that have turned up on beach outside the bungalows. On the back of his mighty and loud motorbike we fly outside of Amed, approximately 10 km outside. He drives wildly fast; it is exhilarating yet idiotic sans helmet on the pot-holed strewn road. We bolt as if traveling on a witches broom.

Twisted bamboo vines, anomalous skulls, countless swords hang from the walls of his temple. He fights the shadows of the night often he shares, the evil spirits that are combating the light, the old energies; he claims to be able to make the universe rain. I can [mildly] believe it for he knows all in my mind with ease.  We sit on the porch as his sister provides hot beverages and cold chunks of papaya and I am educated further about the energy on the island of Bali, the spirits that inhabit the land, the importance of ancestors and caste, and the present shift of the universe as we speak.

I am requested to sit in the crazy room alone as he chats with his extremely fair skinned wife, the space filled with incense lit strongly and an open glass bottle of yellow liquid that smells unpleasantly intoxicating. I call in my angels and guides to surround me, a bubble of light formed for protection. As I squat on the straw mat energy creeps up my spine and into my throat. It doesn’t feel completely pure and holy but invasive and strong. There is moment I feel as if I am choking.

I return to sitting outside with the black magician and his compatriot and am questioned about my experience, which I share with honesty. He reminds me I need healing to allow the energy to travel more freely, offering to do a session with me on the following day for he claims he wanted me to first test the frequencies of the space. A day is required for integration.

The China doll faced wife drives me back to the beach bungalow, carefully in a manner quite contrary to her man. She speaks little English making the ride a bit silent, a time allowed for digesting. With the kind warung owner/coconut collector I practice driving a motorbike. His daughter follows alongside on a push bike, giggling as I sit in front of her father as he holds my hands on the controls. I am ten years old again, sitting in between the legs of my own father as he allowed me to assist steering the wheel from the cul-de-sac into the driveway of our home.

Love Space family play time pictures:

Acroyoga class on the beach with the Love Space family leads us into a tribe dinner at another warung with the most refreshing turmeric lime honey drink special. The cook specially prepared an abundance of vegetarian curry for our large number of plants loving sisters and brothers. We are many, alcohol eschewing with the preference for produce. The food, ambiance, company, everything is delicious.

The kids do acro too:

Dinner time:

Around a roaring beach side fire we sing, dance, and play. A younger sister seeks a private chat, messages of assistance flow with ease. She returns the love by flying me under the stars. Acrobatic movement is so liberating, so fun! Balinese musical brothers from the evening before join the circle, oneness. Love and light.


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