Be of the Light


Morning sun salutations on the beach greet the day with ease. The Love Space troop heads to snorkel as I choose to meet again with the dark lord. We chat further, more tea and countless cigarettes. He eagerly wants me to return to his house and something strongly pulls me back. I decline politely, candidly expressing how I do not trust his intentions or use of power. A wave of intuition leads me to conclude that he seeks sex with my spirit; he wants to gnaw off a portion of my soul.

He becomes very defensive, telling me how I can call countless clients for confirmation of his purity. I ask my guides to assist him as I leave with gratitude. The angels will embrace him with light, he will receive love when he is ready. As I head towards the southern end of Amed I am approached by a musician brother from the following evening, he shows me his homestay that he works at and offers me a huge discount if I choose to return. It is not only low season but the kindness of Balinese to please that allows for such generosity. Walking along the main road I hitchhike on the back of a motorbike for a bit before the driver takes me to a fancy yet empty rental on the top of the ridge with a pool that I am encouraged in dip in.

Instead I saunter to the natural sea, blessing the water and placing smooth rocks between my toes. Seeking shade from the midday heat I head to an organic paradise with homemade kombucha and a shell sanctuary, served by the partner of the goddess of the garden who also does astrology, tarot, and ayurvedic consultations. Out-dated dusty books encouraging vegetarianism, holistic lifestyles, etc., are scattered on each table. Her partner is an intense German guy who insists on “no smoking” rules among other seemingly evident guidelines for the space. I can abide easily. The bungalows for rent on the property require an interview it seems, a pair of ladies who too entered the compound to review the menu and the potential place to slumber didn’t seem to make the cut.

Back to meet group to collect our belongings and head out of Amed with a stop at Titra Gangga, the water palace. It is a holy site, the water from a sacred spring located under a Banyan tree, with a gorgeous temple and mazes of pools and fountains surround by lush gardens and stone statues. One hops on stone steps like a frog leaping from lily pad to lily pad on a path leading from the first pool to the fountain flowing with glistening water.

We all swim in the baths, meditate, honor the water gods.

The boys:

Gorgeous flowers line the pools:

Our driver takes us via a scenic route, passing through salak (snakefruit) plantations and dense forests of bamboo and a stop for dinner at a place with the most loving Ganesha statue.

Arriving back at the queen’s compound late I chat politely for a moment for I am eager for slumber.


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