Rewind: April 23rd


Shit. I am so behind in my blog that I may just share brief summaries of the last week plus with a lot of pictures, a children’s book version of my less than adult life. Life is beautiful, jam-packed with so much magic. Creator is holding my hand on a roller-coaster ride of light. I surrender to all, the bumps and lack of seatbelt included. All is perfect.

(If time allows I will go back and write proper details of the journey although it seems as if every time I sit with the intention to write a post I am generously pulled into amazing event, accosted by a traditional Balinese healer, plopped on the back of a motorbike, dunked in a sacred pool.)

April 23rd…In my bungalow I feel as if I am crawling in my skin still, a feeling present often in my childhood when I would attempt to go to bed. There are unhappy spirits here I am certain. I try to transmute the energy by calling in all the assistance that I can.

Ubud is a vortex of powerful kundalini energy, a high vibrational hot spot. It is said that people either remain here for a long time, those who can match and exercise the energy wisely, or leave rather quickly for Ubud (aka “medicine” in Balinese) brings all one’s karmatic and emotional baggage to the surface. Some days I see spaceships in the night sky. Everything is happening so fast; flying I am barely in my body.

Bathing, the grace of water, will bring harmony.

Dine at a new organic restaurant. There are so many places in Ubud to get one’s daily dose of spirulina, a heap of chia seeds, or a plate of raw zucchini “pasta”. I don’t often eat at these places for the prices are for those with more cash flow but I do sometimes sit in such environments for the loving atmosphere. Meander. Meditate. Make-out with Ganesha.

Back to Ashram Munivara for donation yoga taught in Balinese mostly. Hitch back to town with a local woman and her kid. The Balinese are skilled motorbike drivers often carrying three people per ride along with all the goods from the market, etc. Sometimes women also transport goods on their heads as they travel. Crown chakra exercise.

Asked to teach yoga for a non-profit organization that provides high school education and dorms for poor teens. Yoga for kids will be a new experience. I am pumped!

Chat with Cancer/jewelry maker originally from NYC and living the last forty years in Indonesia. He is decorated like a gaudy Christmas tree and glows with creativity. He has found International love with a Javanese woman and may be the only Jew in Java. L’Chaim!


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