Biker Baby!


Meet sister to chat about teaching yoga and happily agree to start next week. I get a quick motorbike lesson and off I go! Freedom. Life is expansive as it should be. I am smiling from my belly.

Go to free talk about LOVE at the Yoga Barn studio by a Jungian psychotherapist and dream analyst named Jeremiah Abrams.  I leave early. His messages are beautiful and true although I feel not called to remain. As I am strolling home singing mantras I am approached by an Aussie guy on a motorbike who insists I hop on and join him for a cocktail. I bite. A cocktail has not passed my lips in so long, I need balance it seems. He is a star brother shifting from his life as a police officer, one who has seen some of the most horrendous crimes of humanity. Our conversations are quite nourishing for I learn much from such a grounded soul. Sometimes I float with such naivety; I will believe still that the world is becoming brighter and more harmonious daily, a place where the power of love will win. Bed at 3 am.


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